Full Name Lucy Waters
a.k.a. Lucy
Age 13
Gender Female
relatives Rachel Waters (Mother)

Unnamed Father

Status Alive
Alignment Good

History Edit

The beginning Edit

Lucy was first seen sitting on Matthew's bed whilst he was pretending to be a superhero. She kept telling him that he wasn't a hero and that she wasn't his sidekick. Then, a rock was thrown at the window by someone, knocking Matthew unconscious. Lucy looked out the window and yelled at Vivion, telling her to "not walk away". When Vivion arrived upstairs, Luct had an idea of how to wake Matthew up.

She left the room, soon coming back with a cup of water. Lucy then poured the water on Matthew's face, waking him up. She smiled while he was screaming and asking why she did that, though resumed her usual expression when he began saying that he "could have drowned".

Much to Lucy's annoyance, Vivion asked Matthew if he liked adventuring. He replied by chanting "adventuring" repeatedly, to which Lucy said "Vivion... why did you encourage him..." while facepalming.

Vivion told them that they had to get the Flame Orb, which was in Egypt. She told Lucy that she had the money, and a car to get to the airport. Lucy didn't want to go but, because Matthew was going and she was worried about his safety, she said she would.

Personality Edit

Lucy is more serious than her other friends. She also seems to be easily annoyed at Matthew and Vivion and hard to make smile.

Relationships Edit

Matthew Hunter Edit

Matthew is Lucy's best friend.

Vivion Garcia Edit

Gallery Edit

See Lucy Waters/Gallery.

Quotes Edit

"Matthew, stop being dramatic"
- Lucy to Matthew when he said he could've died.

"I'll come... but only to make sure he doesn't get himself killed."
- Lucy to Vivion before going to Egypt.

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